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hello everyone

A bit about me:
My name's Matt. I'm a 19 year old dude from Switzerland. I am currently studying at a Swiss college to become an application developer. I go to classes two days a week and the other three days I go to work at an office where I can apply the things which I learn in school.
I've been doing this for two years now and will finish with my degree in summer 2010.

Just to let you all know:
I understand perfect English since I've lived in the US for about 4 years. Just excuse my grammar since I don't have a lot of people here which speak English with me.

What I've learned so far at school:
- MS Office Basics
- MS Office Advanced
- VBA for MS Excel
- Excel for Controllers
- Professional reporting in Excel
- Administration of Multiuser systems ( Linux )
- html
- CSS (lol ^^)
- VBScript
- some VB .NET
- some C
- etc.

I am currently working with Multidimensional Database-Builder and -evaluation software (MOLAP => Multidimensional Online Analytical Processing).

So yeah, I'm pretty much here to learn more about programming ^^

It's a pleasure to be here

Welcome, there is plenty you can learn here.