Hey guys how you all doing, I figured I would introduce myself, my names Dan I have just finished my HND(level 5) in software development and am currently trying to enhance my skills to improve my job prospects for the future.

Bit of background, I got my first computer when i was around 3 years old, I cant remember the exact model though im pretty sure it was a very early Commodore. My next computer was a C64 and i recieved an upgraded model for around 5 years on the trot. Including my first spectrum which at the time was only on a green screen. I got my first programming box at around the age of 8, a friend of my dads had come over to drop me a kids tape off when noticed the spectrum, he was shocked that it was in my room and my dad was actually letting me an 8 year old play with it. The next day he turned back up with one of the biggest books you have ever seen and said "if your gonna play with it, your gonna play with it properly". So i sat and copied this book for around 10 pages and it took me forever, when i finished i shouted him and he come running upstairs he told me how to activate it so i did and BAM it drew a circle flashed lighter then darker and undrew itself. That was it my crowning achievement, i had spent hours at a computer typing in junk just to see a lousy circle that i could have drawn myself with out the jagged lines. Amazing.

Since then i have done a couple of courses here and there (not in english as you can tell )and tried to start up a business with a friend. Over the past two years i have been slaving over my HND and its finally time to feel some benefits of it. Anyway thats me just sayin hi all

Wow, very interesting background. I did not get my first computer until I was ten. Welcome!