I've got homework. I mean, not just a lil bit of schoolwork ... but a shitload of homework to do. And I'm procrastinating. And I'm bored. So I think I'll just play around in the forums for a bit.

Yah... there's not much to do. I've got a bitch load of work too but i'm 2 lazy. Who says procrastinating is bad? ???

As an exercise in procrastination and boredom, I found a thread over two years old and posted a reply.

Hard work pays off in the future, Lazyness pays off now.

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Hard work pays off in the future, Lazyness pays off now.

how true, how true...

hiya, I'm bored to
what to do...what to do....

I'm bored too, I have tones of homework to do and so little time left to turn it in. I have to turn it in, in the day of the Final exam, and that's next Tuesday. My teacher gave us three weeks to work on it. But instead i went to the movies twice and the mall and the beach (twice). And I lost my math book and i didn't even notice. 'cause i haven't touch it since i had my midterm. But i finally found it, it took all weekend, it was all cover in dust behind some boxes with old video tapes. I don't know how it end up there.

I'm not bored, I'm happy,

My girlfriends kids have gone to bed and also my girlfriend,

I'm sitting here in peace with my PC and a beer !

Ok, whadda heck does 'Procrastinating' mean? I've heard it used a lot but I never took the time to look it up.

Definition: [v] postpone doing what one should be doing; "He did not want to write the letter and procrastinated for days"
[v] postpone or delay needlessly; "He procrastinated the matter until it was almost too late"

Synonyms: dillydally, dilly-dally, drag one's feet, shillyshally, stall

See Also: delay, procrastinate

lol, gotha there.

Another question:
Why does everybody else(most everybody else) feel the need to cuss?
I almost prefer the Game Maker forum over this one because at least they keep their language clean!
Limpelo para arriba, por favor.

I dunno, some people just don't care, some people like to look down on you, others just treat you like SH*t !

Hey, life's a B*tch !

What can I say :-/ The thread is over 2 years old. I've matured :-D Do you really think that cursing has become a problem around here?

Not me... I've barely ever seen a curse in these forums... Unless my language has slipped so much that I don't know what a curse is anymore.

Maganda umaga...
ahok patay-gutom :(


To tell you the truth, I feel a little ashamed of my last comment, perhaps in the light of things, I will consider the younger audience.

How many times do you walk down the street and hear some 10 year old sprouting out expletives all over the place. It's not nice, so I've decided not to add to the problem.

I must be looking at a lot of old topics then.
Cuz my mom already banned me from another site (www.introversion.uk/uplink/forums <- I think) because they cussed too... I just hope that won't happen again :)

I don't think that there is alot of cussing in here. I only curse on webpages when I am ephasizing something (it was a big @$$ fish! I Swear!)

That kind of thing. But then again, I curse all the time when I screw up.

yeah same here i dont swear all that much on forums but then again swearing is becoming more and more of a part of life these days. when im talking to ppl i swear all the time its jst like a part of my vocab that gets used daily

I swear on forums, for fun/jokes or just when things go very wrong and it just happens not to be my day..

My final exams are over. :p Maybe next semester i won't procrastinate as much as i did this semester. ;)
Time to party!!