hey guys...came across a card in a bookstore which had some 4 lines that look like a puzzle and www.dxii.in on it. anyone know what this is about? visited their website. looks nice but still no idea what it is...anyways, here are those 4 lines...

"this should give you the final form,
of the answer as in a crossword,
eat in the past and tweak the tree,
fill that to be the winning bird...."

any ideas?

Wow a rather confusing website. Seems to be looking at two completely different things.

The first is the material world that we live in. Brand name products that we are told we can not live or function properly without.

The second sounds like its a search for answers to all of those little questions. Could possibly be some sort of upcoming Wiki based website or something.

Who knows. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I did some digging and found at least who is behind it. Its a team of 3 people from india who quit their jobs to start making tshirts. Their website is www.fingerprints.in but they sell shirts from www.gnome.in. The website could have something to do with the shirts or it could just be a project that they have running.