Butter cookie with a chocolate center (there goes my New Year's resolution) and a cup of coffee.

Sprite along with some Orange & Lime Tic-Tacs
Yum :D

Lemsip and tea, not in the same cup however.


What kind of water, well, bottled, city, rain, river, flood, hot, glacial, ice, soda, effervescent, previously used, heavy, ethylated, ozonated, chlorinated, fluoridated?

Munching on some Raisinets (chocolate covered California raisins). Want to know more, check:

How about, All of the above?

A cup of coffee and biscuits.

Today I'm fasting...
Nothing to report

Squid rings...yummy

Green Tea *yawn*

Cocoa, bread and guava jam

After reading all the mind numbing squabble in some of the more political threads, this thread is one of the more enlightening ones:

Warmed over asparagus and egg au gratin.

commented: Agreed :) +3

Hot Chocolate.

Orange Juice along with some Bacon Sandwiches earlier :)

A Milwaukee brat and a Leinenkugel.

A Kosher dill and goat milk.

mineral water and some cookies

ice cold water...-_-


Good for you! I own a boatload full of YUM stock.

Some Mexican egg schnaps with a Kahlua bottom.