Chocolate chip cookies and a fresh mug of dark roast Arabica coffee.

Boiled yellow potatoes with French Madrigal cheese (Choisy le Roi) and a glass of buttermilk.

A Wendy's chicken breast sandwich, easy on the sand.

Mussels and brie on crackers, and some dried bananas. I'm a grown-up now and can eat whatever I want for dinner.

Hot cup of tea and 1/2 lb Hershey bar with almonds.

homemade chicken curry

7:47 pm here

Cottage cheese and black cherries.

Those from India would probably understand better...hehe...
I ate the usual dinner, Dal,bhindi ki sabji and mango pickle + Guava juice.

Meat Ball Stroganoff, yum yum!

spaghetti with meatballs and a lipton Ice Tea

hot chocolate

I am having the colder version... :) Cold Chocolate Shake ;)

Apricot and Almond danish as it's my birthday.

Baked potato and cheese, yum yum!

Irish Shannon cheese (aged 3 years, wonderful flavor) with fresh French bread and a simple red table wine.

Organic macaroni cheese, steamed brocolli and carrots, redbush tea.

Chicken and rice for me and a glass of OJ.

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No I like to chat with geeks, here in Daniweb.

Chicken sandwich, hamburger pizza, dr. pepper, and ice cream ^_^

dude, that sounds good.

Chicken with mushroom sauce, little rice pilaf and one side dish of green beans.

Egg ried rice, with stir-fried king prawns and veges, an alpro strawberry yogurt style soya dessert and filtered water.

Chicken fettucini (alfredo sauce) with broccoli. Leftover from last night's dinner.

im eating pizza and ice cream.. its the last day of two of my team members.. sad :-(


im having stir fry

ahhh stir fry is awesome, plus its easy to make (student grub lol)

My folks brought me some Basque Shepherd's cheese made from sheep's milk. It has mildly nutty very tasty flavor, goes well with white Rhine wine.