Grilled pork short ribs with a bottle of home made sparkling water (cold tap water + CO2, shaken)

Are you using homemade CO2?

Cooked nice batch of ham and eggs with toast and fresh coffee.


Another day, another meal - DH just fried up some falafel, I made myself a salad, and will soon make myself a bourbon and coke.


I made a patty using steamed lentils, fried it to make a delicious veggie burger. Washed it all down with a tall glass of TJ Bavarian Hefeweizen beer.


I just finished a plate of Scrambled eggs with hamburger, garlic, onions and cheese over the top. On the side I had a homemade cheese biscuit. I am also already on my second pot of coffee for the day.

The coffee is essential for my communion with the computer gods.


oh i see, i think they are = sweet potato

in that case, i like them

Yams and Sweet Potatoes are substantially different vegetables. Here is the US a yam is usually the red or orange one in the vegetable isle while the lighter white one is a sweet potato which has about 4 times the sugar as a yam.


well, i don't drink alcohol

I don't fancy it either...

Right now I am eating some frosted flakes, and drinking a hot cup of coffee....and the rain is falling too...


"Ribs....I had ribs for dinner....that is why I am doing this"

A quote from one of my favorite movies....any guesses?

And I really did have ribs...that is why I posted this-just so you don't think I am trying to hijack a thread..............lol


According to newspaper reports one Italian cheese factory over a two year period has recovered 11000 tons (!) of spoiled cheese and reworked it into their Mozzarella and Gorgonzola cheese, maggots and all! I guess I won't eat any pizza for a while.

Just had two doughnuts and big mug of fresh Columbian coffee to wash this story down.

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