Just had dry dumpling noodle for breakfast. :D

A chocolate Big M!!

Boiled "Baby Gold Potatoes" and a tall glass of buttermilk.

Just had noodle for breakfast.... :)

An Icypole :D

It is 25C here in aussie!

I am cold at the moment, so just got a glass of warm milk.

i just had a cup of Black Coffee(one of ourz(malayalez) famous drink).....

about to have some apple pie with ice cream :D

Two pieces of chocolate candies - one with orange liqueur, the other with cognac in them. Sort of a chocolate Beautiful

Ice cream with Chocolate Topping and chocolate sprinkles.

I just tried fried pig's ear - I don't see what Mike Tyson was thinking!

I am eating a chocolate bar now. :)

im eating a cookie..chocolate chip!
and water..sadly theres no milk...

A nice big block of chocolate :D

Cassava chips with pocari sweat...

Penut butter and blackberry jelly on toasted whole grain English muffins, plus a steaming hot mug of Santos mild roasted coffee.

Mmmm, turkey leftovers - we cook the turkey just for leftovers. Wife makes killer turkey soup too.

Cookies and milk - I ordered a pizza but I'm too hungry to wait without eating :P

I am enjoying some chips from MOEs and drinking some Coke :)

Blinis with smoked salmon and sour cream and a glass of white wine.

A lolly pop :D

Cohen :D

i just ate a very huge burger at Wendy's... man im so hungry

The Mexican lady from next door brought over a nice flan, a Spanish custard with caramel sauce. I am in heaven!

Having my fourth coffee of the morning. Happy New Year to all. Let's make the best of it. Hey that should be the moniker for the year " 2009 - Let's make the best of it"

COOL! Check out the Posting # Is that a sign or what?! :)

Turkey gizzard and heart - drinking a Bourbon and Coke