Its 2:33 PM here in the UK

Its 2:33 PM here in the UK

Yep. I think AD had figured that out JB :)

Yep. I think AD had figured that out JB :)

Yes, I learned how to count to 5 a couple years ago. Pretty soon I'll have to learn how to count to 6. :)

lol i get confused with times ;) never been very good at maths..

bacon egg and cheese biscuit and a large DrP from Hardees.

carls junior is the greatest place to eat ever!! their 6 dollar double western bacon cheese burger is the greatest burger ever invented. too bad they only have carls junior here in the west.


*SLAPS HARD* I made that *dry face* .. its an arabic sweet <_< with dates syyrup .. nevermind ..

That might depend on your point of view.

I'd also like to know, though...what is it? It looks a little bit like balls of doughnut dough that've been fried and covered with syrup. Am I even close?

Yup... a sort of doughnuts...

The bottom middle one has a beak.

Looks a little like doughnut holes. If that's what your vomit looks like Ancient, you better get medical attention quick!

Ancient, you should apologize.

Ancient, you should apologize.

I dont think he has to , he was being funny, and besides, they do look pretty wierd.

He made Boo mad. He should apologize. He was insulting, not funny.

They look what they look like, but they taste good and are traditional sweets. Not something that should be regarded as vomit. Plus they are made by Boo.

commented: *hugs him forever* =$ +3

> He made Boo mad. He should apologize. He was insulting, not funny.
Agree with you on all counts, that _was_ mean. Plus lack of apology makes it look even worse. It's a pity many people take apologizing an inferior act... :icon_frown:

commented: *hugs him real tiiiiiiiiiight* :D +3

hehe, It's OK ppl .. I slapped the meanie dragon =p revange taken ..

hesaaab baraabar hogaya na Sunjay :D ..

commented: *Hugs baaaaack* +4

I didn't think it looked like vomit, sulley ... not a fan of dates though ... the fruit I mean. Good though?

I don't like dates too twomers .. but its syrup tastes fiiine, and it goes verry well with the 'doughnuts' :D

I am now drinking some Orange juice (or 'OJ' to most people).

Enjoying some Coke @ the moment.......

Still eating food and drinking water.

commented: I should ask you he same, he he. I guess it qualifies as "food". +4

I eat food and drink liquid. Not just water.

commented: And what about the chocolate cake I smeared on your face.. ;-) +21

Just finished a grilled salmon steak with a fresh garden salad and buttermilk dressing. Right now I am working on dessert, vanilla ice cream with a Kahlua chaser.

Seafood chowder, honey butter biscuits, apple crisp with ice cream.

OMG jasimp that sounds so tasty

ooohhh my mom's cooking an apple pie today! :-)