chilli refried beans crackers sour cream and hotsauce

Time for spaghetti and meatballs with plenty of Parmesan cheese.

Cottage cheese with fruit cocktail topping.

Fried frozen ice with softdrinks mixed type and some spices added to it on the frying pan. A good old Macgyver trick and that should get my taste buds going.

I am having a strawberry cheese strudel with my mug of steaming hot Mexican coffee.

Put a little milk in my Kahlua, tastes real good!

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, toast and OJ.

Well I just started eating dinner and thought this would be a neat topic. Everyone knows we love to eat while on the computer; two birds, one chair.

I'll start it off:

Deli Sandwiches, macaroni salad, potato salad and a Pepsi :)

We just had our snack because dinner will be ready within 2 hours. So I just ate toasted bread and iced tea.

Its Lunchtime here in Kenya, so I'm having chapati and tea.

Liver and onions with rice and beans. Fresh California OJ.

Met with some friends this morning at the diner, and had my usual blueberry scones with my coffee.

A rare rainy day in the desert. We already had an amazing 0.02 inches of rain! I am enjoying a rhubarb jam bread with my coffee.

Some nice Christmas cake even though Christmas is long gone.

I am feeling somewhat bummy this morning, so it's oatmeal and brown sugar.

BACON eggs tea
and I went to the and won a week's worth of bacon, minor prize in the contest week month year 10year

Today was Super Bowl Sunday (final pro football game of the season) here in the US. One of the traditional foods to watch the game with are chicken wings, honey bbq in my case. I had six friends over and we went through 5 pounds of wings and a couple of six packs of local microbrew beer. Seeing the New Orleans Saints win was a thing of beauty!

Today is "Eat Crow Day", but I couldn't find one, so it will be chicken instead.

Turkey sandwhich, with wheat bread, both pieces with mayo, lettuce, tomatoe, and a hint of italian dressing.

English muffins, lightly toasted, touch of almond butter and a coke.

Peking duck - we have friends with a small farm who raise ducks, chickens, geese, and rabbits. Any bird named 'Steve' goes to 'freezer camp' (any duck, goose, or chicken that is male is called Steve) so we invited Steve to dinner and baked him.

Having a nice slice of apricot strudel with my coffee.

Strange breakfast, turkey burger with sauteed onions and mushrooms.

Ah, another free breakfast at the Green Valley Ranch Casino buffet with eggs Benedict, gefilte fish with fresh tomato slices and the best blintzes around Las Vegas.

figjam here

(f__ I'm good, just ask me)

I went out for a salad for lunch, came back with a stromboli. Hey, it happens.

Washing it down with a nice, tasty Coke.

I'm having fritos, a Hanson's Root Beer, a bowl of chili with M&M's for dessert...:)