i'm Eating some cookies with coke..

Donut and cheese and pickle sandwich

I like to eat chicken cheez burger with a glass of PEPSI

Time to go grocery shopping. I just had a turkey and cornbread TV dinner that was the absolute pits!

Honey barbecued chicken-wings and a glass of Chardonnay.

plougmans lunch and a large glass of fresh onrange juice, does life get any better than this :P

A pan-fried Parmesan crusted chicken breast, with whole wheat spaghetti and a tangy chunky tomato basil sauce. A glass of Chianti to make the whole thing more Italian.

A baked salmon/spinach patty on orzo pasta.

omelette with cheese and coffee

i m having orange juice now..... and posting in forum.. :)

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cold ribs and guinness. doesn't half make a mess on the ole keyboard.

Also nurofen for my gout

I'm drinking coffee.
...oh, my mug is empty, need refill :D

Eating some Cookies and drinking Pepsi :)

chicken sandwich and waffle fries with coke.

homemade pulled pork BBQ and a giant glass of iced tea

i am having Black cofee now... it just makes me feel alive during my work... :)

Baked Muscovy duck - heart, gizzard and neck - next will start working on the rest of the carcass, mmmmmm! Wonderful flavor

I'm eating rye bread with mettwurst and edam cheese. Drinking water.

I'm drinking a Diet Mountain Dew. Yea its past 2 AM and yes I am wide awake.

Mint tea, fresh baked organic wheat bread with Kroger's Creamy Peanut&Honey spread. Can life get any better?

Em having Coke now.... its very hot today here..

I'm drinking Lipton Ice Tea with lemon coz it is very hot now :((((((((((((

No junk food.
No meat.
i'm vegetarian.

Black Bush perfect-slowly. The only drink for an Irishman--who drinks alcohol--something wrong with that statewment

A hot cup of licorice root tea mixed with toddy (cold steeped) coffee. Right tasty with no sweetener added.

I am eating fruit; kiwi, cherry and apricot.