I am eating The Simpsons Bubble Gum :D


salas sandwich with greeen salad and coke of course

A spearmint & peppermint herbal tea with a spinach/cheese Panini sandwich.

Had some head cheese with strong mustard and a few slices of bread.
Had a large beer afterwards.

well, i don't drink alcohol

Right now, I am taking Tea at home.

A nice medium rare, bloody in the middle steak with steamed asparagus. A frosty mug of Beck's Dark.

A black bean and salsa bread fresh from the oven and a peppered class of V8 juice.

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I am drinking....water....you didn't expect that did you?? ;)

I am drinking a large cup of coffee.

Taste-testing some golden Virginia burley tobacco flakes I'd toasted up. Taste like chocolate chip, oatmeal cookies.

I'm cooking a macgyver recipe. Here it is.
* 2 cans of Coke and 3 cans of Pepsi
* A pack of ice cubes
* Some finely crushed candy

First step - turn on the BBQ and let it warm up on setting High. Put the ice on the flat plate of the BBQ then pore 2 cans of soft-drink on top. Then place the finely crushed candy on top of the ice. Then pore 2 of the remaining 3 cans on top of the ice. Now your neighbors will see a giant smoke cloud and you have one can of soft-drink to enjoy.

em having a cup of tea now..... :)

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stew dumplings, beer
Happy Canada day

Almond Butter on freshly baked Italian Country Bread, and a mug of Mexican coffee!
Can life get any better?
Merry 4th of July!

Dannon blueberry low fat yogurt with Bifidus Regularis

The Danish lady next door brought over some old fashioned beef pot roast leftovers. Nice beef slices, roasted potatoes, carrots, onions, green beans and celery. Yum, yum!
A glass of California Merlot goes well with all.

Freshly picked blueberries in almond milk. A delight!

Francese bread fresh from the oven, topped with a spread made from cream cheese, spinach and artichokes. Found a bottle of Sustenance Black Beer from the last party.

Blueberries and cream, heaven on Earth!

Sante Fe-style rice and beans with tortilla chips and a glass of raspberry lime seltzer water ;)

Blueberries and cream, heaven on Earth!

Mmmmm, as soon as I read this I had to make a bowl of blueberries and Greek Gods Honey Yogurt