I'm drinking water at the moment though I had a small bowel of cereal earlier. yummy.

Mmm, haggis.

(sorry, Kusanagi - I couldn't let a good typo go to waste!)


Homebrew. Sort of an IPA, but a bit darker than pale. Nummy.
Write your own code, play your own music, cook your own food, and drink your own beer. Live free!


Hard to find Caesars these days, but it's not a salad without one, I think. (Just as I think a vegetarian chili should be made with real vegetarians - preferably of the cow variety, of course)


I'm eating four cheese pizza and drinking the free Pepsi I got with it ^_^


pizza from dominos and ice cold coke

Same here xD


ice cream. this is my all time fave.


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Italian today, chicken Parmesan on spaghetti with some chunky-tomato basil sauce. I am eying a good California red wine.

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