Finishing up work for the evening. A nice healthy tot of Dalmore to put the work away with.

Having a nice breakfast in about 10 minutes, bacon eggs, sausage and some strong dark coffee (for the small hangover!)

Rice pudding with fresh ground cinnamon.

Right now Im drinking Pepsi and i had diner pasta

Just finished a large mug of tea...

bag of pretzels to break up the day...

Penne pasta in tomato sauce with bacon chunks + salad
Om nom nom nom nom nom etc. etc.

Penne pasta in tomato sauce with bacon chunks + salad
Om nom nom nom nom nom etc. etc.

Re-fried black beans, corn chips and salsa.

Peanut-butter sandwich

Double chocolate doughnuts.

well i just weak up and i have in front of me a cup of milk with cornfalkes with chocolate...imm yammy

Now, I'm eating a double chocolate doughnut and drinking Relentless.

I just finished my Dinner and come Online Now I put a cup of tea the table.and I am Drinking Water at this Time

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Drinking: Natural Light.

Quiting Sunday.

I've always found it iritating eating and computing. I always use one hand to type. It happens once a day, however.

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disregard the why

Drinking some Iced Tea and eating some Cookies :)

had some hot & sour soup, yum!

Soup here also. Not that I'm a great lover of soup, but had a broken porcelain crown drilled out and a temporary one put in today by the demon dentist.

Most of the soup, I should add, is down my front courtesy of half my face being totally numb :)

ouch! your falling apart... makes me feel better about all my woes ;)

I'm on my way to a social dart tournament sooooo.:) drinking time has arrived for me. What will I have???? Anything with alcohol please.:)

;) You know what, I just had a plate of fished rice and Water to digest...I bet you :( to know that the last spoon was taken like I was forced to eat...oh no.!:'( anyone wish to invite me dial at me.

A handful of California dates with peach herbal tea.

Having some real Italian speghetti and meatballs.

tea is the first choice for me
the more tea you drink the healthier you will be

I'm eating fish burger with coke.

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