The Polo mint and chewing gum

Home made cinnamon bun and a cup of coffee. I'm laying in bed listening to a thunderstorm and a much needed rainshower at the lake.

Just finished an orange. It was delicious.

No food for lunch today, will be very hungry when I get home tonight! Ahh the poor and broke student life! K maybe not poor but definitely broke right now!

tejava tea and a burrito from a local amazing mexican eatery :D

take pasta,chips with coldrink and noodles also...

I am eating Chocolate truffle today is my friend's birthday and she gave..

ahhhhhhhhhhhh, finaly dinner :)
a cocta (really kind croatian pepsi-like drink) and a pack of "mc" cigarets :)
that will keep me distracted for another three hours. i'll see after if i lost any kilos suddenly :)

Fresh blueberries in milk

Homemade gingersnap cookies and a fresh cuppa coffee. Just finished watching the Brits smoke the Yanks in cycling.

Like I said, vanilla ice cream, oh so good in this darn heat!

Blueberies (real fresh from Canada) and cream.

Tall glass of cold Mimosa

An apple not Mac's one its real

i drink fruitopia when i can, this drink is like one my favorite drinks ever^,
try this with some twizzlers : it is like the perfect combo !

Leftovers like pizza, fried chicken, marinaded vegetables, Naan bread.

commented: why leftovers you should eat something fresh. Leftovers not good for health +0

Orange chicken on noodles, drinking hot black tea.

Glass of white wine, was intended as a white wine/cream sauce for my salmon but I have a bit left over.

A foot-long hot-dog on a toasted bun with a pickle and a diet coke.

This is not something I have often but today was special... Red Wine, Filet off the grill and bake potato. Finish it with cookies and cream ice-cream.

Wow JorgeM, a feast indeed! I had to limit myself to a nice grilled steak (medium-rare) and coleslaw.

You meal sounds pretty good to me as well. My mouth is watering... lol.