Home made cinnamon bun and a cup of coffee. I'm laying in bed listening to a thunderstorm and a much needed rainshower at the lake.


No food for lunch today, will be very hungry when I get home tonight! Ahh the poor and broke student life! K maybe not poor but definitely broke right now!

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take pasta,chips with coldrink and noodles also...

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ahhhhhhhhhhhh, finaly dinner :)
a cocta (really kind croatian pepsi-like drink) and a pack of "mc" cigarets :)
that will keep me distracted for another three hours. i'll see after if i lost any kilos suddenly :)


i drink fruitopia when i can, this drink is like one my favorite drinks ever^,
try this with some twizzlers : it is like the perfect combo !


Leftovers like pizza, fried chicken, marinaded vegetables, Naan bread.

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why leftovers you should eat something fresh. Leftovers not good for health

This is not something I have often but today was special... Red Wine, Filet off the grill and bake potato. Finish it with cookies and cream ice-cream.

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