I am eating norwegian salmon with crackers and cheese :)

Soup and a soda...

vegie burger, fries, salad, soda :)

A nice grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of Boston bean soup.

A pizza and a juice but this was about 10 minutes ago.

Some fancy ravioli... a sprite... a salad (no dressing, it decreases the salad's benefits) (all these things are being eaten in about an hour)...

plus I am eating some barbeque pop chips with a cup water at the moment...

some noodles for this cold weather..

Multigrain flax cereal with Banana slices and almond milk.

Veggie and fruit shake for breakfast... Awesome...

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Just returned from a restaurant, had Bud Light beer (non Americans probably would hate it) and hiroshima Hot Wings

Never heard of that Franchise. But that menu is very tasty except the Fried Pickles.
I don't think I ever heard or taste a Fried Pickles. Why would anyone fried a whole pickles.

I have heard of fried pickles, they seem pretty gross (based off of the name) but if you make it at home it comes out better than those at a restraunt.

I never ate fried pickles either! And don't intend to either.

Well if you do, make sure it is homemade

According to a program I watched on the Food Channel, you can deep fry just about anything including ice cream.
The last time I had a fried pickle was in Newcastle KY. It wasn't too bad.

I love fried ice cream :)

@Dani, how do you exactly "fry" ice cream?

Do people sell fried ice cream or is best to make it at home? i kind of want to try it :)

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I ate ham omelette like an hour ago.

For breakfast, I had a raw vege shake (Kale, spinach, etc.) mixed with flax seed, almonds, bananas, apple

A spinach and mushroom omelet with a mug of hot chocolate

It's 9:00 am at my house, so I'm eating Special K Almond with Silk Soy Unsweatened Milk

Just had rice pudding

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Eating Kettle Cooked Reduced Fat Original Potato Chips and drinking Diet Turkey Green Tea.

I ate some pizza from whole foods :)