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JUst had the best Moules ever. Sauvignon Blanc, flat leaf parsley and a little bit of garlic. Served with straw fries. So stuffed.

frozen pizza(baked) and tea >.>

Braised lamb shank, "vegies" and some fine California red wine.

Meat Monday.. KFC Spicy Chicken with Choco Crusher. French fries too.

nothing except for a good old classic milk

My account has been reactivated lol thanks happygeek

dad's oatmeal choc chip cookies, and coffeeeeeeee

had a great dinner. wedding reception lol

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Plaice fillets, samphire and root mash. Ice cold Sauvignon Blanc (left over from moules).

Today plan to have a Pizza with doble layered cheese.

Some brie cheese, bread and wine.

Some local goat cheese, bread and California wine.

I work at Taco Bell so I will probably have some of that

yimmee taco bell

Having some Bread with Jam. xD

the missus wouldn't let me work at TacoBell,
I'd be a hippo in a week
be ok to work at McD, coz I wouldn't eat that

breakfast coffee, eggs, bacon

Finally its time to have Lunch. South Indian Meal. xD

Oh how the other half lives.

I just had a can of cold baked beans, at my desk.

Today plan to have some Veggie SandWich at SUBWAY

Tuna salad on rye and a large glass of vegetable juice.

Chinook salmon, brown rice, salad, and a glass of water.

Slice an apple. Bake in a pan with butter. Season with a pinch of cinnamon. Put on a plate add brown sugar. Bread and coffee. Mmmmmm!

A medium/rare bison burger on a toasted bun, and a citrus Margarita to enjoy!

A slice of Little Caesar's pizza that somebody brought to a picknick, absolutely the worst stuff!

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