Came across this when researching the answer to another question on c++ board and had to share. Just a couple of them below

May all your teeth fall out except for the one with the toothache!

May your daughter's hair grow thick and abundant, all over her face!

May DaniWeb deny you access forevermore!

May your son's hair grow only on his legs, but not on his head!

May you gain a pound every day!

May your rainbow only be in black and white!

May the spam in your inbox be bountiful.

May you miss the urinal and wet your shoes!

May Ancient Dragon be your guiding example!

May you go to /dev/null.

May you recognize that your sharp tongue is mostly halitosis!

Have a nice day!

You got me there! I don't get it. Is this supposed to be cynical, sarcastic, unbelieving?

curses can also be made as funny as this..,,haha