Hi ! i m the newest member, just joined in . I found you website very good .
I need your advice on this matter . Well , here is my question . I have completed high school long time ago and i couldnt resume my studies because I become a refugee in others countries . After 6 years , my situation is bit better , thanks to God, and now i have access to internet at my workplace.
With my education level , can I study IT or become a PC technician from any good instituations . I have search on the net saying that i should have SAT exams or some others educational credit for me to get enrol in IT courses or in other computers feilds. I saw thier courses and i m confident i can do it as i m very keen in studying computer particular in Networking and PC technician . Please , can you advise me what can i do now . I dont want to waste any more time. I need to finish those courses as soon as possible for me to get a better job and life .Thank You.

Contact the college you wish to attend, and tell them about your situation. If you've been working anywhere in the field you want to get in to, tell them about that too.

If you're in the US, community colleges are designed for just this sort of thing. All they require usually is your fees be paid, and classes registered for. (I took classes during high school at the local community college.)