Hi everyone, another newbie here. I just joined last night and I'm so glad I found this site. So many great information here.

I am a SAHM to a beautiful 33 month old little princess and another one on the way (boy). I love digital photography, digital scrapbooking, web design, painting and many more :)

I guess that's all for now. Thanks and have a great day to all!

Hi pinayus27, and welcome aboard. I'm new here too, but yes it's great here. Allot of helpful people here.

I am a SAHM too, well when i can stay at home that is hahaha. My two little darlings are 9 (son) and 13 (daughter) so it's always a run to some school activity, party, or Mom i just have to have this from the store. :-O The newest ploy from my oldest is, if i don't have this for school i will fail. hahaha.

Your little sweetie is 33 month old thats sweet, I sure wish i knew where the time went to so fast. Great to met you, and hope you get allot of help, and fun here. Bye for now, Patty...

P.S. Did i really call my brats darlings??? :-O

Hi Patty, thanks a lot! Yup, time sure flies so fast. Pretty soon, she'll be in school and all that.

Welcome to Daniweb both of you.

Welcome!may I ask what is a SAHM anyway?


Just this minute joined. I'm a SAHD it seems, though I'm on a course two nights per week learning programming and web design. I expect that, as the course work gets tougher, i'll be popping in here more often, so I thought I would say hello.

Welcome to Daniweb Scullyxb.

Oh i see,thanks.By the way,mabuhay mga pinoy dito sa daniweb!!!!

Hello and Welcome to Daniweb :)

Glad that you could join us!

Welcome Moms! :) Lol. nag advertise pa ng prenster. ayay.