A little bit about me? I'm a late bloomer when it comes to computers never touched one till I was over 40 now I can't seem to pull my self away from them!
Before I had this obsession I enjoyed Fishing auto repair and just about anything I could do with my hands, you might say I was my fathers favorite son even tho I have 3 brothers (all of them straight too !LOL!)
I also enjoyed reading and calligraphy . I still try to get around to the old hobbies from time to time but most of the time I get ... well...stuck ! At least I still get in allot of reading as I am always on line reading something .
I love , yes I do mean Love, Melissa Etheridge , every thing she has done except I have to say I did not enjoy her Skin album . Every thing else has been wonderful .
Favorite movies.... The Lion King and My Fair Lady ( I know I'm a freak!)
I look forward to reading many any of the posts here and hopefully I can even impart some of my limited wisdom? Maybe?

Welcome aboard.