Hi everyone as an introduction to you all as to who exactly I am, I truthfully am not sure.
I believe in seeing hearing feeling smelling all combined to be part of the answer, at this moment in time I spend most of my time here in my office combined home recording studio.
I split my days in the art of practicing music composed by myself/I write and also create poetry. More of my day is then spent between either working on computer using it as a typewriter, what a tool it is, for us with the imagination of man to play with. I joined myspace first of all,2006, as a place to share anything that's within me on which I had to offer, and continue enjoying to do so. my reward what Im doing makes me feel alive and unique in what I am
Life for me has been a circle of events. When, younger some wrong choices are made and if I can tip the balance in better choices for everyone I can only but try a give you all my best shot.

Start to learn how I can be me and us at this link>(http://www.myspace.com/kipspace)