Greetings everyone!

My name is Simon, I'm 37 & I live on a smallish Island off the south coast of England called the Isle of Wight.

Although it is pretty rural, I've managed to live here most of my 20 years as a software engineer, videogame developer, writer and now web developer through the magic of the interweb and it's precusors.

In my day I have coded in Z80, 6502, 680x0 assembly languages for Amiga / ST videogames, C / C++ (along with DirectX and OpenGL) for real-time 3D visualisation applications and early work on networked virtual worlds.

I currently work in web development, using technologies such as Ruby on Rails, PHP & Javascript. Naturally I use all modern web standards such as semantic xHTML, CSS and extra-shiny colour gradients.

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Welcome, questions in the game development area seem like they would be right up your alley.


Hi and welcome to DaniWeb. Assembly gaming, eh? I wrote a Space Invaders game in ASM once.

Thanks Dani, nice to be here.

Assembly is of course the pinnacle of fine geeking. These script kiddies today don't know they're born. ;)

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