Hello all,

OK, here goes for an introduction….

I have been a software developer for the last 10 years. From Liverpool England, I now live in New Zealand with my wife and four kids. I am currently working full time as a software developer but soon to take up a Business Analyst role. I also have a business (Primary Care IT Solutions…Go on do a Google :-) with a local GP after writing an application that uses a well publicised algorithm to calculate CVD risk of a practice population (as well as a few other bells and whistles).

I also started a different company (JESS systems and Productions) up about 4 years ago with the intention of offering a VHS to DVD conversion service. This didn’t work out as I diverted my attention to the CVD risk application, however my wife and I have resurrected the business a few months ago and changed our focus onto web design and hosting. The main reason was the creative side it offers that I think complement the technology element.

I have to confess that even after 10 years I am not a code guru by any stretch, which is probably why I am taking a BA role next year…hopefully! However, I do enjoy the challenge of coding.

My wife started studying as a graphic designer many moons ago before becoming a full time mum. 17 years later it is great to see her getting back into it and I am loving watching her getting better and better.

We are very new to this and want to learn as we go. We understand that there is a lot to learn and hope over time we can improve to develop sites that are up there with some of the fine efforts we are seeing today.

We have taken a steady approach offering basic static sites to local businesses as we learn our new trade. Take a look and let us know what you think from an ascetic point of view as well as a technical. Please go easy though, like I said we are just starting out and learning as we go.


If you have any tips that may speed up these sites let me know.

I am trying to decide if I should start working with table-less design over tabled but it seems quite divided out there as to what is best. I am also a big fan of Joomla and have a couple of projects on the horizon so I am also trying to learn about that.

As a test bed I am developing one for PCIT (remember the business with the Doc)


There is no content yet as I am just playing with the template (which I downloaded as a starting point)

Over time we hope to get more involved in interactive site development but we are just taking it one stage at a time.

I hope you like our first attempts, and I look forward to making a contribution to this forum, although I would guess I will be asking more questions that answering :-)

Kevin Preston

Welcome! I have always wanted to live in New Zealand. How do you like it there?


NZ has it's ups and downs to be honest. We live in a town of 20,000 people so it's quite small. I think it all depends on what you want as to wether you would settle here or not.

Tip: If you like extreme sports then go to the South Island. North doesn't have much to offer except two decent size cities.


PS. Please let me know what you think of the sites I have linked in my post.

They all looked very nice, were not overwhelming, had nice pictures and colors. They all had a good amount of information and were easy to navigate.