Whats in your signature Dave ? regarding the password contest.

I do not know any liberals that did not want to help America, as he put it. I do now know any liberals that would side with Saddam over America. That video was filled with lots of crap that is not true. The liberals I know want to help America and make sure other countries cannot get ahead of us. The liberals I know don't like enemy's like Irag and North Korea, they would not side with them over America. If someone is calling themselves a liberal and then does not care about America, they are not a real liberal.

Whats in your signature Dave ? regarding the password contest.

My adaptation of a joke.

On the negative side, I've been getting charged for a ton of stuff I didn't order lately. On the positive side, I did win that 'Who's Got the Best Password' contest on AOL last week.

That video was filled with lots of crap that is not true.

And so is the news.

Great stuff Dave, keep doing what you are doing! A note to jasimp, always consider the source, and don't argue with the religious right.

The problem is that liberals want to help America, but they do it through emotion instead of logic:

- They believe that stealing more money from people in taxes is going to help the economy.

- They believe that we can actually absorb the taxes needed for a national health care system without bankrupting all employers.

- They believe that all we have to do is stop fighting, and our enemies won't hate us anymore, but they also believe in making the very thing our Islamic enemies hate most (sexual sin) a constitutional right.

- They believe in negotiating a middle-east peace, but we don't have anything to negotiate with. The only thing that would appease the radical Islamics is to remove half of our constitutional rights and install an Islamic government in America.

- Some liberals believe that, fi government gets big enough, nobody would have to work. What they don't explain is where the food comes from with nobody working.

- They cite the Greek and Roman civilizations as proof of the above. They forget that those economies ran on slave labor.

- Other liberals believe that, if all of the money on the planet were distributed evenly among all people, nobody would have to work. Enjoy your $2500. It has to last the rest of your life. And there are no products (or food) to buy, because nobody is working.

- They want to take civil rights away from some groups they don't like, to give special rights to other groups they like.

- They believe that the elections were rigged. Their evidence of this is that they lost. They can't believe that others don't agree with them. (Al Gore lost Florida and New Hampshire because Ralph Nader ran and split the liberal vote, not because of anything Republicans did.)

- They believe that anyone who doesn't agree with them is either "mentally ill" or "needs education." Yet, today's conservative beliefs are closer to what liberals believed in the 1960s than today's liberal beliefs.

- They believe that animals have the same rights as man. I will believe it when an animal comes into court and presents his case.

- Liberals want uniformity in behavior, instead of freedom. Political Correctness was plagiarized from the Baha'i religion.

- Liberals believe that the arts are so important that they deserve a large share of tax money and education time. I can't think of anything more frivolous than art. The camera and recording made most fine arts obsolete as professions.

Liberals are destroying America

Liberals are destroying America

Hoho, very smart comment!