Its a big loss for me as i can not afford a new one and i am not sure if the police can get it either. I am so lost, so much of information and important data is lost I feel so hopeless... I just want to get it back before the person who took it damages the data. Is there any way it can be located and found. can there be any way to trace it if the person goes online using it.
Please HELP!!!!!

Unless you know who took it or know someone else who saw the thief then there is probably very little you can do about it other than turn it in to police. Chances are you will never see that laptop again.

>>can there be any way to trace it if the person goes online using it.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your laptop. Pitty you didn't get the lo-jack with it. I remember reading somewhere that there is a software that if installed on the laptop (while in owners possession) would alert the owner if someone tries to access the interent. It would let them know that their IP address has been used. However, they could use softwares to perhaps alter the IP address, thus not allowing the owner to find it. Again, this is something that i read....not something I've verified. Well, you took a first right step in filing a police report. If you had personal/confidential data on your laptop, such as soc sec #, bank acct info, ect....then contact your bank and the credit bureas so that they can place an alert out there if anyone tries to use your data. Cheer up!

What country/ city did you lose it in?

Sorry to hear about you losing your laptop. However, you can get (not brand new) but used laptops at pretty affordable prices. If you still can't afford one, talk to me and I may be able to help find one.