I am a student in a technical institute, and started learning programming. I found your website after getting frustrated in a homework that I was supposed to write a code that was not even in our book! Our instructor expected us to be able to decipher it and write the code for it... Anyway, after researching, with you website's help, I managed to accomplish the impossible.

I am thinking of doing this as a second career. I have a degree in the science field. After gettting exposed to some great computer experts, I became curious as to how they did this and that... and the so many questions. I guess, I needed to answer my own questions!!!

Well, how is the job opportunity for a person in her 40s? I hope that my education would not get wasted in such that I would have a hard time getting a job... I am taking software engineering.

I am from Schaumburg Illinoios. The weather out here is great! It's fall and the leaves are turning red and brown. It's getting cooler too.

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