Hi, everyone,
I'm Laura from central PA. I've used DaniWeb as a resource for months now, and finally decided to quit lurking and start posting because of a PC puzzler (posted in the spyware forum).

I got distracted this afternoon while researching answers (it is the weekend afterall) and read through some of the less tech oriented forums (ie the Geeks Lounge). I realized that right now, other than my 2 ubergeek children, none of my friends and coworkers is as geeky as I am. I got excited at receiving an external USB hard drive at work -- my coworkers were bewildered and unimpressed, tho glad I was happy. I'm the IT Admin for 40+ users who don't really want to know anything about the machines and technology they're using -- they just want it to work as it is supposed to, despite their inadvertant efforts.

It's nice to find you all!

welcome wolterl, from one geek to another.

Welcome, another geek saves the day at their workplace.

Yay Geeks to the rescue. Another geek bids you welcome.