My name's Rafael, I'm 21 years old and I'm a computer science student born and living in the Dominican Republic (it's in the Caribbean, for anyone who's not into baseball ;)). Although not very proficient at it, I've been into C for about two years now, and C++ and Ruby a for a bit less.

I'm mainly into Linux (I've been on it for the last 4 years or so; Vi > Emacs! :D ), although I'm not really a blind zealous fan of it, so I'm never afraid of dual-booting environment (for PC gaming and testing out applications). I've gone from Xandros 1 -> Mandrake 9 -> Xandros 1 -> Mandrake 10 -> Xandros 2 -> Xandros 2.5 -> Mandrake 10 -> Ubuntu RC (the very first, don't even remember the number) -> Slackware 10 -> SuSE 9 -> Yoper (yuck!) -> Ubuntu (for about a year) -> Gentoo (double yuck!) -> Ubuntu -> Debian -> Arch. Probably forgot a lot of 2-3 day distributions, but Arch still rules. I used to help out on Ubuntu's forum for about 18 or so months, but that was back to when I was a self-proclaimed distro hopper and before I switched to Arch full time. :)

As hobbies, I love PC gaming (mostly FPS and Strategy games; PS: Bioshock's not _that_ good! :P), listening to music (U2, Katie Melua, Ginny Owens, Portishead, Ben Folds, Sparta, etc.) and sleeping (1. Get Up ---> 2. Survive --> 3. Go back to bed!).

I partly work as an IT consultant at some small-time college in the Dominican Republic.

I stumbled upon the forums looking for information on several programming topics, and found a pretty site. Yay.

Hi Rafael, thanks for the detailed intro - welcome to DaniWeb...

You used 'zealous' in your introduction. We're off to a good start!