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It's a Half-Life 2 mod
TFC stands for Team Fortress Classic

It's so much fun :D

Server is down right now because I am going some network maintenance and putting it on the gig switch


Must be a fun game then.

Since you are from Canada:
A few years ago when we went to Canada we paid 66cent (US) for the Canadian Dollar, now we have to pay $1.05 (US) for the Canadian Dollar. Do you have any idea why?


Very fun :)

Well, our economy is doing very well and I read somewhere that the US is paying something like 13 billion a day to run the war which has a lot to do with it


Lol yeah $1 aud used to get 50us cents and now it gets like 90-95 but americans still act like the have a shit hot economy and have alot lower prices. Like to buy vista ultimate here it costs $750 Aud but you can buy it and get it shipped here from the US for less then $250aud

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