hello to everybody,

Seeking for your help.

My self vishal Pandya.

Gender : male

Age : 23 +

Don't have eye number, i think.

Occupation : Software engineer


As i am software engineer i need to
work almost 8-10 hours everyday on
computer .

The problem that i am facing is LIGHT SENSITIVITY
problem since 2 months. I come to know about that
problem when i ask somebody to take my photo.
Every time my eyes get closed due to camera flash.
Even in sunlight i need to squint or close my eyes
to avoid the discomfort.And i think my eyes remain
smaller than normal size.

I do take required precaution
like i wash my eyes after every 1.5 hours
and blink them frequently when i am in office.I do take
healthy food.

Hope i have provided all the required information.

Looking for your reply.


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Football players in the US use a black cream they smear on their cheeks just below the eyes to cut back on reflective light. That might help you!


Sounds like a problem with your pupils being too dialated. I agree with infarction go and see an optomitrist. It could be a problem with the amount of time spent infront of a computer or it could be something genetic.

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