As the title suggests it's my birthday today :)

I am now classed as an adult, hurah!

joshSCH commented: Happy Belated B-day +12

Happy Birthday!

I recommend celebration! What are you doing here?
Happy birthday, though. Now you have no excuses to not be unsensable. :)

Sorry serunson for late...Happy Birthday
And where's the cake ?

Being 18 is lame. You can now be tried and charged as an Adult.

Happy Birthday!! ^o^

Happy birthday---
Remember that you'll feel different only if you act differently.
Make it good and you'll feel great.

Thanks to one and all :)

Big woop to Daniweb!

I am little late:
"Happy Birthday and Birthyear!"

Thanks bumsfeld! Better late than never!

seems like you've got many congratulations for your birthday... so... no congrats from mee...

unless you beg for it...

What, the birthday party is still going on?

PS: Any unusual presents, other than socks?

Till serunson not shares cake with us..he ate alone...:(

rofl, i had a very nice cake thanks for asking :P

Also i got a snazzy watch :) A Citizen Eco-Drive, ooooo says everybody :)

Your girlfriend's parents? Cool.

You've gotta get a girlfriend!

rofl. :D
yes, yes i will.

Damnit serunson, you gotta stop rolling about on the floor there!

Happy 18ths though :)

Is Surry near Essex... What your thoughts on wrestling, Serunson?

Surrey is near London and Hampshire.

I use to watch it when i was 10 or so, but now i don't like it nor hate it. It is all acting on that WWF/WWE thing. So MEH to it.

>It is all acting on that WWF/WWE thing. So MEH to it.

some, but not all.
check out the recent Candice Michelle v Beth Pheonix match on raw (while it's still uploaded). Candice fell from the top rope (planned) and knocked herself out - so bad it legitamtly coulda killed her. she wasn't acting after that.

and the WWF = World Wildlife Fund ;)

The WWF is into wrestling? Pretty wild alright!

NO WWF used to be it's name (World Wrestling federation) but then the real WWF (World wildlife fund) sued them and one, so the WWF became the WWE (World wrestling enterprise?)