Just read in the news that there are riots with numerous car burnings in a suburb of Amsterdam by moroccan immigrants. One of them attacked police with a knive and they killed him, that started the riot six days ago. Is this race or islam related?

I like how politically correct your title was!

Political Correctness is for sissies

Let me get this straight -- a nutcase enters a police station and seriously wounds two cops. People start burning cars because the cops shot and killed the guy ???? Are you certain those events didn't happen in Washington D.C. USA ?

They did a lot worse when some Danish comic strip artist drew the wrong picture!

Yeah we have had the same sorts of problems here. Someone steals something or does something else bad. They are usually of aboriginal decent. The police chase them. The Theif/criminal gets themself sued. The police come under investigation. The aboriginal people protest.

There was a big one a while back where the kid was impaled on a fence post trying to escape.

I take it you're from Australia?

I think the Dutch suffer from the same mistake that France made, they ignore their growing younger muslim population.

>> How ever did you guess?
I bet it was the sceneary in the background of your avatar.

>> How ever did you guess?
I bet it was the sceneary in the background of your avatar.

Actually i imagine that scenery is actually located somewhere in the UK. However i do believe that picture was not even meant to be taken on earth.

No, it's not (primarilly) Islam related.
It's just a bunch (estimates range to around 30 hardcore plus some drifters) of young thugs (most 12-16 years old, plus or minus a few years) who've been terrorising the area for years.

For reasons of political correctness and political pressure (the mayor doesn't want to make the Moroccans angry at his party, most of them vote for him faithfully) those thugs have never been taken care of by police, and grown more bold as time went by.

The killing of a psychopath (with links to the terrorist group that killed Theo van Gogh) just provided the spark that made them go to the next level of open violence, setting fire to cars instead of beating up anyone they could get their hands on.

It's racism instead of religion. These kids are Moroccan supremacists, ganging up on anyone who isn't Moroccan irrespective of religion.

Very good and thorough explanation! Thank you!