I was reading the latest copy of Australian Science the other day and it featured an article on human enhancement and how it may affect our social lives and groups. The argument was basically that if on person was to have enhanced sight and another diddn't then they would be less likely to form a social bond.

Just wondering what you guys think about human enhancement and if you think its a good or a bad thing.

The only thing such technology should be used for is replacement of damaged parts.

I think i have to agree with you on that one. I still think that we are going to start seeing that more and more in soldiers in the future as well however. While an advantage in combat is good i think they would have to think about the lives of these soldiers after they retire and also wether or not its really worth having this human enhancement in soldiers if everyone else is doing it. Meaning that we will just end up on the exact same level.

How are we meant to defend ourselves for the impending alien attacks if we don't enhance ourselves? Thankfully colonies from the future have send back in time 'videos' and 'movies' to train us in such matters.

Define human enhancements. Surely you aren't arguing against using tools?

>Define human enhancements.

I was about to say the same thing, well. "What does human enhancements mean?"

I never really strictly argue for or against a certain thing merely the points of both sides. In some cases i think it would be useful. However i am against enhancement for the sake of enhancement or a Gataca( or however the Frak u spell it) style of world.

Human enhancement basically covers any sort of enhancement that isn't a natural one.

Define natural. Is a car natural? How about an airplane?

Natural as in the way you are born. Anything that goes beyond how nature intended you to be.

So your definition for "human enhancement" is something you're not born with?

Before someone else asks, perhaps you could clarify a bit more. No doubt someone will mention something like glasses or contact lenses. (I guess I just have.)