I remember one time when i copied the answers to a test from the desk i was at (Someone wrote them all down) and when the teacher graded the test she asked me if i copied the answers from the desk,i got scared and said no....I should have been honest... I FAILED THE TEST and the teacher might have let me take it over! (Most of the answers were wrong)

The solution??


As a matter of pride, no way! I would just cheat myself then.

were I that teacher I'd have written those answers on that desk myself (of course deliberately making them the wrong ones) in order to catch cheaters.

But I'm sneaky :)

A couple of my teachers could be that sneaky!

I voted yes, but not recently!
The last time I remember doing it was when I was 13. I was in a French grammer test and I hated French. I learnt those LORT/Hobbit runes for it especially and wrote the French-equivalent on my school bag! It was premeditated cheating which makes it all the more bad, eh? Cheating-one straight off!! 25-life. The person next to me was caught cheating at the same exam (he was not as subtle as I), so the teacher brought him outside and asked him why he was cheating. He said that he did it because I was cheating so she brought me outside and asked me if I was cheating. I looked her square in the eyes and said 'no' (I'm a good liar apparently). She asked why the other guy said I was and a shrug of the shoulders satisfied her.
The time before that was also in a language test but when I was in primary school, I was ... 10ish. I went to an all-Irish speaking primary school but was no good at writing it (slight dyslexia I imagine. My English spelling is rotten), so my spelling tests were always abysmal. I could speak it fine though. My teacher was bored out of her mind giving us a spelling test and wasn't paying attention to the class so grasped the opportunity (I can still remember my heart beating!) - I took my book out and opened it at the appropriate page and wrote down the spellings! 20/20. My teacher was honestly astounded. She congratulated me and all!
Those are the only two times I did it intentionally. Occasionally one might (genuinely) accidentally sneak a peek at someone's exam script but then the moral issue of 'use it or not', comes in. It's not cheating (in my opinion), unless you actively seek the result.

Where's the "probably" option? I don't remember specifics but I most likely have.

You think I got all those A's on my own? ;)

were I that teacher I'd have written those answers on that desk myself (of course deliberately making them the wrong ones) in order to catch cheaters.

Hmmmmmmm interesting to think about!!

I'm on the other side of the exam now. I'm giving exams this week.

We are using special techniques to detect cheating, including software that detect plagiarism.

I would recommend honesty. Cheaters are simply too easy to detect, even without software.

If you need software to know which of your pupils are cheating you may need to get more involved with teaching them.
If you're paying attention as a teacher to what your pupils are doing you're going to know in advance which of them are going to cheat, simply because you will have a pretty good indication in advance as to which of them will get which grade based on classroom performance.

It pays to be honest with yourself and not cheat. I used to help my teacher grade papers, some cheating was so obvious.

>Have you ever cheated on a test/exam?
Yes, but I was considerably better at it than you seem to be. ;)

I never cheat in Exam's, but in class tests I just look around and ask the answer.

never. My friends think I'm lying when I tell them this O.o

I can't remember if i have or not?!?
I aided myself once when we had a German test and we were allowed to have dictionary's, so i put some helpful hints scattered around the pages. Quite a good plan i thought.

I am a high school junior. Last year in my English (as in lit, not ESL) class, four or five students were caught cheating on a quiz. Not only did they all have *very* similar wording on some of the short answer questions (they all sat near each other), they also:


How dumb can you get???

I remember this one test I had. The teacher gave us the tests and left the room. Naturally everyone pulled out their books and just copied down the answers. The teacher seemed honestly astounded that everyone in the class got a 100%.

Now that's called bad cheating. If you're gunna cheat, don't go for 100%. Aim for 90 at best.

Never cheated on an exam. I've had ppl come to me and ask me answers during the exam. I just give them with a dirty look and turn away. No way others are gonna reap the fruits of my labor.

I (now), think of cheating on exams like I do when 12 year old kids who I don't know ask me to buy them cigarettes outside a shop, or something ... I've got to concoct a plan for the next time they ask me ... It annoys me greatly.

>Now that's called bad cheating. If you're gunna cheat, don't go for 100%. Aim for 90 at best.

Meh, this teacher had a reputation for idiocy.

Once(long long time ago) I had an answer chit in my shirt pocket. The examiner who was standing right in front of me saw it(accidently!)! He kicked me out of the classroom. That was the day I learnt my lesson. From that day onwards, I never kept the answer chit in my shirt pocket. :D
Jokes apart, That was my one and only (failed) attempt to cheat in a test/exam.

I do cheat, but only the subject I don't like.