Which wine do you prefer??

I dont like either.

You're wrong, Dude. Red all the way!
I had an amazing one with an amazing steak a few months back. It was then that I discovered that the more you pay for wine the nicer it actually gets! I honestly never tasted the difference before. But red. I'm sure if I had a nice white it wouldn't offend my taste buds or anything... but if I had to buy some. Red.

I heard/read that red and white wine is made from the same grape. The initial light squeeze makes white wine, harder squeeze gives blush, and the real hard squeeze breaks the skin cells and pits of the grapes and gives red wine after fermentation. Breaking the skin cells adds color and the pits add tannic acid to the red wine, giving it a harsher flavor.

Red for me. And price doesn't always correlate with quality. There's some cheap wines that are quite good; it's finding them that can be the issue... ;)

I've had a fair few dodgy cheap reds, Infarction. I've had one expensive red. Maybe I'm not learned enough in the whole industry.

Red wine for me! I find that the only red wine where the price makes quite a difference is a "Merlot", their distinguishing fruity taste can suffer from cheap. My favorite red wine is most any California "Cabernet Sauvignon", where actually the cheaper ones taste better to me, and seem to have a little less tannin in them.

OMG i love those same 2 reds

but white is the best IMHO as red gives me heartburn

Red wine from Spain or California goes well with a steak dinner.

I dunno... I'm a big Pinot Grigio fan. Maybe I just haven't had a good red yet?

It's funny. I like my really hard liquor because it tastes like liquor. I really like "BEER" tasting beer, especially really bitter IPAs. But then again, I like my wine sweet...

I dont like either.

Same with me.

white. dry white. it is the only truly good and clean wine.

both, but white more

I'll quote UB40:

"Red, red wiiiiiine...."

I'll quote Jeff:

"Lilaaaaaac wine..."

You forgot Rose, my wine of choice!

I voted white but I meant red.. was distracted :D

Though uniquestar is right rose is the best.

A bright blue wine would be interesting! I bought "Blue Nun", but it wasn't blue at all. What a letdown.

Wonder why they call white wine white, its mostly yellow. Milk is white!