HI my name is philip dunne and i live in chilly edinburgh - Scotland. I am currently working as a full time manager in a pub but in my spare time i like to create websites and generally just tinker on the comouter, i am 30 and living with my now 8 1/2 months pregnant girlfreind and expecting our first born vey soon. I am 5ft 7" and blonde, i used to be very athletic but now my family keep me active. Favorite movies of all time would have to be "Shrek" or "Austin Powers", generally anything with Mike Myers in it i find hillarious.
I am still into my rock music much to the disgust of my girlfreind, she cant seem to see the genius behind rock legends such as Metallica and the likes. Favorite food would have to be anything spicy. I am addicted to the "Stuff" magazine, i think just looking at all the gadgets and future products is amazing. Anyway looking forward to chating about website design and probably boring you with many mundain questions.


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