Can anyone guess which country is this ?

Mosaa Ceanarim

Can anyone guess which country is this ?

Mosaa Ceanarim

American Samoa...:D Ahihihi..

GLEAENS = Try to guess this.

Have a go at this, YIRVO SOCAT

it's Ivory Coast! ahihi..

Great but aren't you supposed to continue the game by asking the next question.

okay I'm sorry..

shbiitr iadnin caneo yortriet

British Indian Ocean Territory. Is that a country but ? Also u've got the spelling wrong for it ; there should be three Rs in the terrirtory spelling.

Guess this, ibsare oetngmrnoe

yes there is..

serbia[/I] is a country.. is serbia unite to montenegro?


Turkmenistan, isn't it ?

This is an easy one :
appa wen euigan


BTW, one U was missing from "appa"


Liechtenstein !

how 'bout this?.. iuremqitna


Guess this one: EATSRTNORM

Yep.... Its a country. Guess it?

yep... that's right guess.... hurray

guess this one

you haven't answered my question...

Denmark, but we still haven't answered the above two.

Montserrat !


Here is the answer: Mayotte

Now answer mine : "bldasarv"