Hi all, I feel that a supernatural force got me to your forum inasmuch as I am 77 years
old. Some other force enables me to continue working full time and I have found that
the Internet has also enabled me to pretend that I am a genius at work. My exposure to
computers goes back to the 1950's, lets leave it at that. Today's problem is:
a staff person at the enterprise where I am employed bought a Palm E2 6 months
ago and it is frozen; i.e. doesn't come on when powered. Can someone point me
to an appropiate forum. FYI, I have 3 IPODs, a 6 gig to listen while walking for
exercise, a 40 gig to listen to lectures, and an 80 gig to store my digitalized LPs.
When my 6 gig froze, I went to the Internet and got instructions how to disassemble
the IPOD and replace the mini hard-drive for $50.00 instead of replacing the whole IPOD
and giving Steve Jobs another $250.0. Hope someone responds to me and nice to
join your ranks. Geezer Bob Here:icon_smile:

Good day.....welcome aboard....hope you'll enjoy it here!