Please sign this petiton to introduce Sarahs Law in Great Britain.

This petition was set up in memory of Sarah Payne so please sign it and ask your friends to sign it too! (I hope this gets pa$$ed)

no. Not only are those online "petitions" completely idiotic, they're also ineffective and usually serve only as a means for crooks to harvest email addresses to sell to spammers.
And I've no clue (nor am I interested) in who that person is supposed to be/have been/will be, and I'm not about to want to have a law named after some random dead person. If we start that way, where would it end? There are enough useless laws introduced already without having to make one for everyone who dies...

Me and 10000 of my best friends will sign immediately!

Don't encourage him

No. Sarahs law is wrong and it will lead to vigilianti-ism against sex offenders. I hope it never gets passed

Sarah's Law is a completely stupid idea. As well as im pretty sure that petitions like this actually have to be signed by the residents of great britain and not by the rest of the world.

exactly. online petitions are crap

Hahaha. I had a look around at the other petitions on that site and they have ones like. Stop Japan Whaling for "research". WRITING YOUR NAME ON A WEBSITE IS NOT GOING TO STOP THE WHALES GETTING KILLED.

Me and 10000 of my best friends will sign immediately!

Very good :)