Things you can do to keep your computer running smoothly.

1. Empty your recycle bin, delete the deleted files from Outlook, you can also delete files in your sent folder that are no longer needed.

2. Get rid of those cookies, they can take up alot of space. Marketers also use this information to track your buying patterns.

3. You can delete your Temp files these end with *.tmp you can use F3 in Windows to search for that extension.

4. Run Microsoft ScanDisk at least once a month.

5. Run Microsoft Defrag as well to keep your files in order on your harddrive.

Disk cleanup is good too

If not runs smooth then throw out of the Window ;)
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I only see 5 things..

1 + 4 = 14 if they are strings and you are using VB6

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O I C.

Don't ask why I typed like that. O_o

O I C.

Don't ask why I typed like that. O_o

Were you educated in the southern US? Perhaps you recall it from the reading test:

L.A. (Lower Alabama) 12th Grade Reading Test
Test 1                          Test 2
MR DUCKS                        MR SNAKES
MR KNOT                         MR KNOT.  MNO SNAKES.
SAR                             OSAR
CM WANGS?                       CM EDBD Iz ?
LIB                             OIC
MR DUCKS                        MR SNAKES

Test 3                          Test 4
MR FARMERS                      MR MICE
MR KNOT                         MR KNOT
SAR                             SAR
CMMT POCKETS?                   CM EDBD FEET?
LIB                             LIB
MR FARMERS                      MR MICE

        Test 1                          Test 2
'Em are ducks!                  'Em are snakes!
'Em are not!                    'Em are not!  'Em [ai]n['t] [n]o snakes.
[Y]es [th]ey are!               Oh, [y]es [th]ey are!
See 'em wings?                  See 'em itty-bitty eyes?
[We]ll, I'[ll] be!              Oh, I see.
'Em are ducks.                  'Em are snakes.
        Test 3                          Test 4
'Em are farmers.                'Em are mice.
'Em are not!                    'Em are not.
[Y]es [th]ey are!               [Y]es [th]ey are!
See 'em empty pockets?          See 'em itty-bitty feet?
[we]ll, I'[ll] be!              [We]ll, I'[ll] be!
'Em are farmers.                'Em are mice.

Location: essex

kinda gives it away :)

Location: essex

kinda gives it away :)

Yes, but theoretically it's possible to have moved there afterwards :)
Or perhaps studied from a southern US curriculum...

(Actually it was merely an excuse to post the reading test joke because "O I C" came up :P)

I found that the most important thing to keep a computer running smoothly is to thoroughly understand all the technical terms:

COMPUTER LANGUAGE      English Language
1. Log on              Make the wood stove hotter 
2. Log off             Don't add no more wood
3. Monitor             Keep an eye on that wood stove
4. Download            Getting the firewood off the truck
5. Floppy disk         What you get from trying to carry too much firewood 
6. Ram                 The thing that splits the firewood
7. Hard Drive          Getting home in the winter
8. Prompt              What the mail ain't in the winter 
9. Window              What to shut when it's cold outside     
10. Screen             What to shut in black fly season 
11. Byte               What the black flies do
12. Bit                What the black flies did 
13. Mega Byte          What the BIG black flies do 
14. chip               Munchies for TV
15. Micro Chip         What's left in the bag after you eat the chips 
16. Modem              What you did to the hay fields
17. Dot matrix         Old Dan Matrix's wife 
18. Lap top            Where the kitty sleeps
19. Software           The dumb plastic knives at fast food chains 
20. hardware           The real stainless steel cutlery
21. Mouse              What eats the grain in the barn 
22. Main frame         What holds the barn up
23. Enter              City talk for - "come on in, eh" 
24. Web                What a spider makes
25. Web site           The barn or the attic 
26. Cursor             Someone who swears
27. Search Engine      What you do when the car dies
28. Screen Saver       A repair kit for the torn window screen 
29. Home Page          A map you keep on you in case you get lost 
30. Upgrade            Steep hill
31. Server             The person at the ABC what brings the food 
32. Mail Server        The guy at the ABC what brings the food 
33. MSDOS              Some new disease they discovered
34. Sound Card         One of them birfday cards that plays music 
35. User               The neighbour who keeps borrowing stuff

1 more tip: no porn