i finally figured out my network problems with my virtual machine, so here i am, trying out Debian...

this is actually my first interaction with *nix... hehe :D

i like debian

you know how to install things?

use synaptic (nice gui) or the command apt-get


apt-get update (always do that first)

and either

apt-get install (then the packagename e.g GIMP)


apt-get upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade

upgrade keeps your system updated while dist-upgrade does that, but also updates core components. Its advisable not to do this too regularly, treat it the same as a service pack is in windows


what i do to install things is installing them from the shell... though i don't know how to make desktop shortcuts for my installed programs...

how do you mean from the shell?

to install things from the command line use "APT-get (name)" to download them from the internet

if you want to have a nice GUI for apt use Synaptic.

if you use apt/synaptic it will make the menus in the start menu thing for you

to make a desktop icon just drag from the start menu thing to the desktop 9if that doesnt work then right click and choose make launcher)