:) So glad you guys have this great site up and running..We have 10 or so PC's in our Bolt and Engineering Products biz..I started years ago on Mac to use Adobe™ Photoshop,which,from memory,was not available on PC (In those days most publish houses used Apple computors for their layout etc) Although I could use the PC's for free,I prefer to buy my own Macs and use the avail s/ware. My MacMini runs 'Parallels' so I use it as both a Mac and a PC at the same time.No re-booting etc.Just drag 'n drop from one to the other.Magic. Oh yes! I must confess I love gadgets that actually do something useful. Love the way all that kind of kit has got so inexpensive,yet the quality is tops.None iof my cheap DVD players or recorders have ever died.Photoshop® and Final Cut Pro® are my best buddies..We have a dog 'Spanner' (we sell tools) part Kelpie and Staffie cross..We both just returned from a five day 4x4 camping trip with our mate and our eldest (30+) son at Mud,Bulls and Music. just north of Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,in the mountains.Magic! I served six yrs in Aust army,gunnery(fun) and driving fun things(APCs etc) Ex shy-diver.Loved that.Did a 68sec free fall from 14,500 ft once.Took air to air photos/movies.My pix are at http://public.fotki.com/RockyOne/ and a couple of movies.I spend most nites editing movies/films and look forward to gaining info and imparting tips on this great site.

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THanks all you guys..I feel better already..Welcome,that is..BTW,this has nothing to do with this site really. But anyway! Had a great nite last night,Monday here..A 'major breakthrough' for me..Using Final Cut Pro,editing 8mm silent movies,which have been dramaticaly 'enhanced' by www.dvdinfinity.com.au (get to see 24% more of the frame than projecting because they cold scan each frame) Audio efx,I always had problems in testing them (converted to AIFF's) so opened them in iTunes.So messy! Last nite I realised I can just drag them down onto the QuickTime Player icon and presto,they play..What a fool I have been! It's just so obvious but it took me years to wake up..Oh well ! At least I have gone a click forward in the ratchet of life. I use with success, 'Audio HiJack' and 'Fission' (audio editor) and just got a new Edirol solid state recorder to record birds,trains,trucks etc for my audio efx in my movies.

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