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Welcome! If you want you can put your link in your signature so you do not have to type it in every time.


Welcome to DaniWeb Richard. The URL in your sig thing is more than a time saver, by the way, it is a requirement. Our rules forbid such links in the body of a messages, but they are fine in your signature...



Nice meeting everyone. This forum has been very informative. I can communicate better with my IT department from the advice shared here.



Nice to meet you.

I currently live in Rohrmoser. But, in my time here, I have lived in Escazu,San Pedro and San Ramon de Tres Rios.

Costa Rica has been the best time in my life. The risk of moving here resulted in a beautiful life and an opportunity to build a nice company.

Pura Vida.


Hi Richard and welcome!

I travelled to Costa Rica this time last year with my wife and fell in love with the country. We were in San Jose for Christmas and saw the Tope festival. I loved Manuel Antonio, Samara, Monteverde, Isla Tortuga... I could go on for hours :)


Well done darkagn.

That sounds like an amazing trip. You got the chance to not only enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica, but view first hand the culture and customs.

When you are ready to return for another trip, let me know. I may have some good suggestions for you.


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