Moshi, Moshi, everyone! O genki desu ka? My name is Nick and I'm from Nigeria. I just bought a Fujitsu-siemens laptop so i decided to join a tech/social network. I'm so glad that y'all could have me in your network. [Thank you Dani!] .
I hope to have lots of fun with you guys as I'm new into the computer/IT scene. I also hope to make friends since in my country, people are not too close to nerds/geeks. [I'm a comic/anime/manga freak]. thank you once again. :)
I have a small problem. The thumbnails in the win explorer for win xp has stopped showing. This does not happen to my pictures. It only happens to my videos (mpeg, mpg, avi, divx, asf, wmv, mkv, other video ext.). Help me. what can i Do about it? Domo arigato goziematsu! :S


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