Hi people. The idea of this game is to make people guess the answers to rather obscure questions, like....

Which of these two has the larger data capacity?

(a) My CD collection

(b) The hard disk on my laptop


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Haha... on smiliar lines,

Which one is better?
a) Computer Engineering
b) Information Technology Engineering


the difference in my country is that computing is much more of the theory behind it whereas IT is much more about how and why


in mine computing is the theory, but also things like programming and databases, while IT is like word processing and stuff useful in the office.

I'd say Computer Engineering


yeah thats like at my college

A level computing is like comp/sci theory, databases, programming whereas A level ICT is learning how to do stuff (e.g using excel) and how IT can affect business.


Whats quicker 0-60:
(a) my 1.25 2006 Ford Fiesta
(b) my gf's 1.1i 1996 Fiat Cinquecento Sporting

(both being driven by me)


you are right, but not for the reason you provided.
I have had 3 fiestas over a few years, all been pretty good actually. The fiat is just so much more.


it depends on the model and engine. If its a mk4 (P Reg-T Reg ish looking like a bubble) with the 1.25 then yes, they were pants.
I had a 1995 mk3 1.1 which hit 112mph, a 1995 mk3 1.3 which had a couple of bad moments, but was pretty fast for a small car, and my brother now has as his first car, and now i've got my 2006 (mk7, newest model) with a 1.25 and is one of the best cars I have driven, (and believe me, although I'm 22 I have driven a lot of small cars due to an old job I had)


too slim

it doesnt have a cd drive or something?
what are you meant to do when the os needs reinstalling?


what are you meant to do when the os needs reinstalling?

The Air will network boot. It also comes with software for OSX / Win so that you can use the CD/DVD Drives in another machine on the network to use as a drive on the Air.

Combine the two and you can boot from disk!

Or shell out the extra £100 and buy a USB drive


Thats dumb....what happens if the person doesn't have another MAC?

Or doesn't have an internet connection what so ever?


you can set up a network in such a way that the pcs automatically boot and begin installing the OS from a server, when a magic packet is sent


"Magic Packet" is that a technical term JB??? :)

But still....MAC didn't make it easy for first time "MACer's" (I just made that word up...means Mac Users) lol


Hope you don't mind...

I'm restarting the game...

Would you rather jump in a pool of:

a) Jello

b) Spaghetti

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