There is good chance of seeing extreme weather in most of the part of the world in few decade.
What kind of extreme weather would you prefer to adjust with ?

1. Extreme Cold
2. Extreme Hot, No rain
3. Heavy rain and flood,cyclone ,etc

I'd rather the extreme cold, because i effing tired of the heat.

extreme hot. no rain.

that seems to be the easiest one to deal with. people have been living in deserts since the dawn of history.

and if we can build up a good economy we trade for food. here is an idea. could be lame but at least it is an idea. we could install millions of solar panels and trade the energy so obtained.

we've seen it all, and have for thousands of years of recorded history.
Before that the earth has gone through a lot worse during its several billion year history.

So there's nothing new about "extreme weather", except the way it's reported that's becoming ever more sensationalist and widespread.
Where a heatwave in the 1940s would be reported in regional papers, in the 19760s in national papers, today it's global news and hailed as "global warming is here to destroy the world".

Back to the topic:
Hot and dry would be my choice.

Actually, I love cool and rainy weather, reminds me of Ireland. Good time to go to the pub with friends!

>> Good time to go to the pub with friends!
Yeah. Cause in Ireland we don't actually work :) Pubs 24/7, heh.

Oh, the Irish work hard, but also know how to have a good time with friends, when it's time to relax.

Actually, I love cool and rainy weather, reminds me of Ireland. Good time to go to the pub with friends!

You can bloody well have ours... And I think most Irish would feel the same way.

Extreme cold every-time!
Give me the Arctic any day over the dessert.

Me? I love Seattle's non-weather, I prefer waiting for the earthquake to suffering through the cold (I grew up in the mountains of Montana) or the extreme heat (I lived for 3 years in Tuscon 113 deg heat and Raleigh 90 deg heat with 99% humidity) or all that rainy, muggy, hurricane/tornado stuff of the SE.

Give me an earthquake any day.

Extreme cold, more snow = more skiing.

more skiing = more broken bones, more cracked skulls, more torn ligaments.
no, thanks. My joints are bad enough as it is.

I hate stuffy, mouldy, humid living, give me hot and dry any time!