I am an American working for a German Company as an IT Intern. My Program is called CBYX (Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals) if anyone is interested. Right now I am living in Hamburg both working and going to a technical school. I origionally came to Germany to learn the language and to gain work experience in IT, I was in Saarbrücken for 2 months of language school and now I am in my final placement here in Hamburg for the rest of the year. I still have 8 months left out of one year that I get to stay here in Germany. I have studied IT in a Community College for 2 years in Mount Vernon, Washington State. The company that I work with is "www.optimise-it.biz", we are an online Customer Service, which we sell to larger companys.

I was born in Seattle, Washington State and lived in Michigan for 13 years through High School. Then I moved back to Washinton State with my parents where I studied for 2 years and of which during the first year in College had I found out about CBYX. And here I am in Germany, I have alway wanted to come here since I was in High School...

Thanks and I hope to see guys on the forums!!!

P.S. Is there a German Section of the forums???

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Thats alright, just had to ask!!! How late is it there, it has to be about 5am there where you are in New York... I guess full time is really full time.

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