windows would be as secure as UNIX if people stopped being idiots and going on the internet using administrator accounts. It is very very very hard if not impossible to damage a vista systsme using a limited account

I'm going to hope that this isn't your Christmas present. It's no fun knowing beforehand. :P

It was a early Christmas present. We hooked it up now because the computer desk we ordered months ago finally came.

True enough, but the number of viruses that target operating systems is pretty steadily decreasing. Unix-based and Vista* systems are both rather difficult to exploit, so far as the OS itself is concerned. It's a lot easier to write programs that take advantage of 3rd party software made by companies who don't want to afford the costs of hardening their applications, such as Symantec's AV software (just had to throw that in :P). Also, there's a disturbing trend towards social engineering attacks (i.e. phishing) that cannot be programmatically distinguished from authentic software. The stereotypical Linux user (though this is changing) is probably best suited to handle this new attack vector, as they [stereotypically] are more aware of such methods. The average Mac or Windows user is probably quite vulnerable to this sort of attack.

Maybe this should be in a different thread... but it's a fun discussion :D

*: Vista is still young, so time will tell but it's been largely rearchitectured with security in mind. It is certainly doing better than previous Windows versions.

I have to agree...

This does need a new thread.

Nokia 5610 express music. :D

Last minute entry:
My old Ford Escort broke down again and it looks rather terminal, so I wish for a cheap used Japanese car that actually drives at least 80 miles without breaking down.

the ford focus is nice

the ford focus is nice

We're getting cars for Christmas? Fine, I want a Cobalt....

Right i want my 1960's Ford GT40 MKIII Thank You very much :)
Boy if i got that, i would be a happy man :) :)

One with great MPG for me.

i think i want one of those sidewinder mice that just microsoft just came out with. either that or a saitek cyborg mouse.

the logitech g9 just isnt doing it for me

Sega's Nights Journey of Dreams, Halo 3, and an Enjoi deck. Oh yeah and ipod video nano.

ive got some packard bell optical wired that i got from pcworld in like 2000 (was very high tech then) and it still works fine.

>Oh yeah and ipod video nano.

The ipod with video capabilities was never called ipod video, ever. What you want is called and 3G ipod nano.

or the fatty nano if you need a more fun term.

The fatty nano reminds me of Lardmeister. I wish he would come back to this forum and put a little spunk into it.

>I wish he would come back to this forum

what happened? i thought he was still here.

He left becasue of the whole jwenting argument about some deleted post. It was pretty childish.

It was pretty childish.

I understand that he was only 13, some kind of child prodigy taking college classes.

I am still gunna get that Wireless Router :P
I have narrowed it down to the Netgear Starter pack thing. G standard so if i want to expand i can buy any adapter i want :)

>I understand that he was only 13, some kind of child prodigy taking college classes.

wow. craziness. I really want an iphone, a 360, guitar hero 3 and rock band.

yay i just ordered my new PDA. Ipaq 114 Classic.

lucky. i want a mac book too. black.

I'm personally really hoping for 3 things:
1) a PSP, what can I say, those things are pretty sweet now that they've (mostly) fixed the dead-pixel problem
2) a Mini-Mac, I want the one with the core 2 Duo, so I can get my Macintosh skills back up to par, like they were in the mid 90's
3) a desktop computer (windoze) that ISN'T 9 Years old. What can I say, I can't compete in this market without up-to-date windoze knowledge, and I can't have that with the old p.o.s. copmuters I have lying around the house.

However, I'm not going to get any of these things, anyways... I don't know anyone who could afford to spend this much money on me ^_^

Bah I want a Vaio, but I'm holding out till I'm ready to go to Uni first.

Want a few cds for christmas though. I just might get some of them as small gifts on Tuesday.

I bought myself another early Christmas present. It was The Lord of The Rings 50th anniversary edition, that costs around $85.

Yeah, I live in the UK so it's in pounds stirling but I'm in the same boat really. Some of my friends get like...incredible stuff worth over £500 (approx. $1000 maybe a bit less now lol)..but they're only children