i'm just stumble upon this forum when i look for help for ip tables configuration, hope someone can help :)

i think i can stay a long time mingle in this community, looking for help ;)

ups i almost forgot,
hello my name is Ridwan
from Jakarta, Indonesia.
i'm currently a web admin for my company (still a newbie though)
currently i concentrate in php and oracle (with mysql and asp+mssql as side dishes)...

what i like:

hobbies: finding games cheat, pranks, playing football manager games, listening to music, reading novels, watching dvd, watching MMA...

my fav tv show: csi, heroes, chicago hope, the simpson...

my fav music: smooth jazz, hiphop, hard rock, alternative

my fav books: grisham book, ludlum books, danielle steel, and absolutely mr. poirot...

places you'll probably find me: library, park, dvd store, book store, garage sale ;)

my catch phrase: "look at where the finger points not at the person who point the finger"

i hope i'm being accepted here :)

welcome aboard....hope you'll enjoy it here!